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ERP COM BD Provides One of The Best ERP Solution In The World.

Efficient, Affordable, Customizable Cloud ERP For Better Future

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ERP.COM.BD is a complete ERP System that’s ready and raring to go directly from your browser

Nothing complicated. No fuss. Just user-friendly, high-performance ERP software that makes taking control of Human Resources a dream.

*So if you work in IT, start planning longer coffee breaks choose the best ERP SOFTWARE IN BANGLADESH.

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Increase Cash &
Control Expenses


Increase Reveneu & Profitability


Release Profitable & Product Faster


Increase Reveneu & Profitability


Increase Reveneu & Profitability


Increase Reveneu & Profitability

Departmental Analytical Use Cases

  • Collection
  • Subscriber Analytics
  • Revenues & ARPU
  • Pre-paid & Top-Ups
  • Order Management

Cross-Departmental Analytical Use Cases

  • Executive Management
  • B2B Account Analytics
  • Lead to Cash Optimization
  • Problem to Resolution Analytics
  • Churn Monitoring & Analytics

Predictive Analytical Use Cases

  • Churn Prediction
  • Next-Best-Offer
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Lead Scoring
  • Conversion Rate Improvement
Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP software which is designed to be a type of enterprise solution for larger businesses that supervise the entire area of a company’s core business processes related to technology, services, and human resources. Analyze data and customize module that suite their business applications.

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Cloud HRM

Software transforms the HR departments into a strategic resource and manages all kind of HRM requirements like recruitment, employee timing tracking, tanning, payroll execution, administration of benefits, performance appraisal visualization, labor cost controlling and analysis etc.

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Cloud ERP mini

Cloud ERP mini is an Automated system that is designed to meet the needs of a small business. And interconnected with every function that helps to manage Accounting, reduce inventory, warehouse management, sales and HR departments with real time information

ERP COM BD has strong domain knowledge in areas like Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) for (Manufacturing, Banking, Textiles, Real estate, Education, Hospitals industry), Non-core Banking application development. Apart from its own developed products, ERP COM BD has successfully completed several large-scale groups of companies’ IT implementation projects in the country. To strengthen the company, ERP COM BD made a business Hub joint venture and partnership with another company’s product and serve the country in a meaningful fashion.

  • Absolute all in one cloud-based ERP system Interconnected with Technology, Service and Human Resource.
  • Automation system increase your core business efficiency, improve productivity with real time information.
  • All Features are integrated into single software platform.

cloud-based ERP system Interconnected with Technology.



User Access Unlimited, Scrolling Facility, Render Without Buffering, Easily Browse at Anywhere , Browse in low Speed Internet.


Our ERP system is generally cloud base or web base users along with mobile user also. the management who are used to our existing system can all authorization at any where using their smart phone .


Our system is 100% customizable according to customer desires.

Cost Effective

We serve our clients by Providing ERP system in a reasonable price. ERP System Also reduces Paper cost, Employee Labor, and Valuable “Time” also.

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