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Access Control/Attendance Management

Access control / Attendance Management of ERP COM BD system complete different form of readers (Proximity / Biometric / short range / Long range / Pin type / Smart) and locks as per different applications.
ERP COM BD provides Access Control / Attendance management has been designed to fulfill the access control needs of any Organization, no matter its size, layout, locations and timings. The target of Access control / Attendance Management is to start with protect physical, IP & human assets.

Benefits of Access / Attendance Management Module

  • Increase Employee output which implies it gives employees longer to specialize in their roles and responsibilities that produce results for the company.
  • It is easy Act for Time tracking systems designed with job costing and performance management features make these goals easier.
  • How you manage your workforce which will change & adopting digital attendance management systems.
  • The key emphasis of Access / Attendance software is to help maintain productive, an efficient and price effective workforce.
  • Increased equality only late to understand other, less meticulous employees, in fact, go scot-free after long lunch’s late comings and before time departures.
  • Other Campaigns and Fire Alarm for better Security and Safety.
  • Centralized Observing and Control of diverse Devices and Locations.
  • Faster reporting for optimized data binding methods & improved report filters.

ERP COM>BD Access Control / Attendance Management

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