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Dealer Distribution & Target Solution

The Dealer Distribution & Target Solution Module of an ERP COM BD System, gives you the flexibility to centrally track Dealer Distribution & Target Solution ERP COM BD Rseeing the movement of products from supplier or manufacturer to point of Sale. it's an overarching term that refers to numerous activities and processes like Packaging, Inventory, Warehousing, Supply Chain, and Logistics. Dealer Distribution & Target Solution is a crucial a part of the trade cycle for Distributors and Wholesalers.

Benefits of Dealer Distribution & Target Management Module

  • Dealer Distribution and Target Management Established Customer Base.
  • Dealer Distribution and Target Management at Sales and Marketing Experts.
  • Dealer Distribution & Target management is critical to a company's financial success and corporate longevity.
  • Dealer Distribution and Target management Defining the company and distributor roles & responsibilities also.
  • Dealer Distribution and Target Solution Better Enterprise Time Management system.
  • Easy Inventory Monitoring the Software Automatic Inventory Management, Companies can Easily Monitor Inventory.
  • Multi-dimensonal Sales and Dealer Achivement Comparison.
  • Dealer Enlishment and Whitelisted.
  • Recievable Party wise Credit Management.
  • Sales Commisson and incentives on sales.


Dealer Distribution & Target Management all Components

Target vs Achievement Comparison

Every company/dealer gives a sales target to his Sales Representative and in the end of month company calculate how much Sales Representative full-fill.

Zone & Regional product wise comparison

Zone & Regional a Shipping Zone is a Geographic Region Where a Certain set of shipping methods and rates apply.

Area Wise Dealer Distribution

Every dealer has an individual area market.From this area they sales product,take order, collect money by Sales Representative

Dealer Target Assign

The Sales Target KPI measures current sales revenue and compares that to a target or past performance.

Dealer Offer and Promotion Assign

Sometimes Company gives dealer some offer on sale.It is generally gifts, commision etc.After observing the performance of dealer company can promote dealer

Dealer Lefting Report

A reporting dealer must make these reports because it helps the Federal Reserve make decisions with regard to the money supply. That is, reporting dealers

Dealer Damage and Return

A restocking charge of up to 50% for product returns or change orders will be enforced after the product has been ordered for a client project under circumstances

Dealer Achievement Analysis

Dealer Achievement is the table has a component that reads information or receives a first signal from the card.

Dealer Categorized and Balance Tracking

The Dealer Categorized Balance Tracking System utilizes force plate technology to provide an accurate and reliable balance testing

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