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Production And Costing Management

Production And Costing Management is the process, line up demand with manufacturing capacity to make production and procurement plans for complete products and materials component.Production & Costing Management of an ERP COM BD System, will confirm the proper control with amalgamation and synchronization of all aspects of manufacturing process, which are followed and appropriate for Bangladesh.
ERP COM BDsoftware is completely integrated with the other ERP modules. Production & Costing Management system shows production line setup, production consumption, SKU wise Recipe setup, Production Vs Consumption Report.

Benefits of Production And Costing Management Module

  • Production & Costing Management helps accomplish of staff likewise as computer operation and maintenance to maximize production schedules.
  • Possible to trace of all raw materials from start to end, together with mandated expire dates related to any of products.
  • Instantly generate reports and schedules which will be permit business to pass inspection without the fear of failing to accommodate legal regulations.
  • It will be able to tackle more orders and reach your actual maximum production capacity.
  • Integrates with production are going to be able to utilize existing data to form reliable, repeatable cost calculations more quickly.
  • It is easy to require better price points through knowledge-based analysis, likewise as create reliable quotes with secured margins to confirm profitability.
  • It is easy to configure with 360 degree view the full plan for optimum productivity.
  • Production & Costing Management smoothly meet all of compliance regulations with lot management.
  • It makes unexpected supply shortages & changing demand make by planning substitutions.

ERP COB>BD Production And Costing Management Module

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