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Secondary sales & Commission

Secondary sales & commission software of ERP COM BD System, is a sale by an existing stockholder to a third-party purchaser, the proceeds of which benefit the selling stockholder.
ERP COM BD has intended cloud-based Secondary sales & Commission software that accomplishes all kind of secondary sales & commission requirements like Market wise projection setup, Secondary Stock Management, Secondary sales Management, Delivery Track & Vehicle Tracking. Sales commission is the percentage of the rate of a sale that sales representative may earn.

Benefits of Secondary sales & Commission Module

  • Advantage of secondary sale & commission is a part of product assortment that comes with a built-in integration to ERP system of Products in statement cloud.
  • ERP system are influenced sales processes by how well your sales team delivers the right information at the right time to the right customer.
  • Business dealers to increase stock visibility, outstanding payments & delivery information can help the customer solution to get a combined look of data.
  • Secondary sales information which can be used to enhance business productivity creating a business network to dealers distributors.
  • Salary and plus a straight commission job brings better pay for the salesperson that increase sales volume.
  • Sales commission motivated sales people which Success in sales is extremely determined by an ability to network and build lasting relationships with clients.
  • Quickly configure and trigger an order is the particular stand out ability that offer up a lot of advantages by ERP System.
  • It is best decision Making way, Integrates the secondary data with ERP information to provide accurate and consistent reporting.

ERP.COM>BD Secondary sales & Commission Module

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