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Human Resource Management


ERP COM BD provides best HRM software which cost-effective and scalable solutions designed to meet individual company needs. Our cloud HRM software Automate several human resource processes of an organization. That covers all aspects of the HR department including talent management and workforce optimization processes.

This robust Human resource management software transform the HR departments into a strategic resource. ERP.COM.BD has designed cloud-based HRM software that manages all kind of HRM requirements like recruitment, employee timing tracking, tanning, payroll execution, administration of benefits, performance appraisal visualization, labor cost controlling and analysis etc. in one platform.

It will be cost effective by minimizing paper use as well as soft copies are easy to arrange as per requirement- is quite simple, thus less time consuming leading greater efficiency if our automated HRM system is used for your organization. Organization manage their Human Resource and generate valuable report easily from the centralized database. Human resource management report allows you to get a complete view of your organization.


Human Resource Management.

Time and Attendance Management.

Talent Management

HR Reporting.

Employee Self Service.


Scheduling or rostering.

Leave Management.

Workforce Administration.

Performance Management.

Absence Tracking tools.

Recruitment Management.

Benefits of Cloud HRM

  • A centralized system for global and local workforce management.
  • Cloud-Based Document Storage.
  • Workforce Planning and Analytics.
  • Stay connected to the business from anywhere everywhere and on any device.
  • Our Cloud HRM solution easy to use and quick to implement.
  • All features are integrated into a single software platform.
  • Easily access information and analyze workers skills.
  • User-friendly Dashboard.
  • Manage the workforce effectively and efficiently.
  • Help organization to reduce their costs save time and improve the effectiveness.
  • Streamline HR management and administration process.
  • Minimize costs and reduce administration workload.
  • Flexible technology Support key management decisions.

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