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Product Management System

Product Management is an Organizational Function within a corporation managing new development, Business Justification, Planning, Verification, Forecasting, Pricing, Product Launch, and Marketing of a Product or Products in the least Stages of the merchandise Lifecycle. Similarly, Product Management, Integrates People, Data Processes & Business Systems. Product Management System Provides Product Information for Companies and their Extended Supply Chain Enterprise.

Benefits of Product Management Module

  • Product Management Delar Item Unit and Type Categorize.
  • Variants of all types of items and Item's Information Delete Updates to these Creations.
  • Dealer Casting Auto Production Price Creates.
  • It is a minimum amount of an item which a firm holds available, such that, when stock falls to the present amount, the item must be reordered
  • The Product Can be Differentiated and Provide value to the Custom.
  • Product Management System Reduces Risk of Rroduct Failure.
  • Product Management System Clearly defines expectations.
  • Product Management System Aligns market needs .

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Product Management System all Components

Item Info

Item Info means item group, Sub group, if Sub Sub group and item's information Delete updates to these creations.

Price Setup

Dealer price is Different for Corporate Clients.Dealer Casting Auto Production Price Creates.

Reorder Management

The reorder is the level of inventory which triggers an action to replenish that particular inventory stock.

Item Position Manage

Inventory management is the supervision of non-capitalized assets, or inventory, and stock items.

Item Auto Requization

When an item is finished, the warehouse can be sent to Direct MIS Module auto request Items can be Transferred, Without Transactions.

Fast Moving and Slow Moving Item

We have a team of dedicated business development managers responsible for driving a pipeline of new business.

Product Transaction Analysis

We have a team of dedicated business development managers responsible for driving a pipeline of new business.

BIN Card

One of the items in the BIN Card is full Transaction details,Like: How many items are out of stock how many are now in stock.

Item Requization

Items will be entry as floor wise or as production wise. Then issue the item Requization as a warehouse entry.

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