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Task Management Solution

Implementing management software in any business requires a period of adaptation and development, because the software is trialled, learnt and manipulated to best suit the wants of your team and your business. But what if that software had an on the spot impact on the productivity, organisation and supreme growth of your business, pooling information into a central location and helping your employees to figure ever more efficiently.Installing task management software into your business might initially be met with initial resilience with people concerned about the explanations for implementing the software.

Benefits of Task Management Module

  • Manage your all works/tasks in one place.
  • Improves teamwork: Centralising activity and data in one place encourages your team to tap into the pool of data they will get from their colleagues and peers.
  • Using task management, team collaboration becomes easy
  • Understanding about your tasks which are more important than others
  • You Can Share your workload to others
  • You can easily Manage tasks deadlines
  • Anytime, anywhere: Task management software requires you simply to have an highlighting the major benefits of moving your team into a digital workplace.

Task Management all Components

Service Type

A service type is a category of related services that share schemas.

Service Category

Each service category has a classified group of service items that are exposed to user groups who are approved to access it.

Work Order Task

These tasks allow qualifiers to define separate activities that must be done to complete a work order.

Work Progress

something that is being developed or suggested but that is not yet complete.

Task Progress

Progressive dedicated to the advancement of progressive issues and positions.

Next follow up

Why the task is not being compiled, what is the status of the eagle, the next follow up sub for knowing & entry.

Ongoing Task

How many tasks have not yet been completed, why not do their detail show on the ongoing task.

New Work Order

When a work order is received from the client, the work order is entered here.

Update Work Order

If you need a work order or a modification, it can be modified from the updated work order.