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ERP Software For Consumer Services

Owners frequently don't think about how to make their clients feel good about their job shop. However, small business owners are aware of how crucial having excellent customer service is. The more attached your consumers feel to your business the more likely they are to return even when they have other jobs. The question is how can you make customers feel good about your job shop without purchasing ERP tools? ERP.COM.BD makes it easy for your business.

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ERP For Consumers Services Features and Benefits

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Look Up Past Jobs

How quickly can you locate anything if your best client calls and requests a duplicate of a task you completed for them years ago? Or, can you even locate it? With a strong ERP system, you may review any jobs you've completed in the past for a client and modify them to meet the client's current requirements.Our ERP system fullfil Your Criteria

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Job Tracking

For real estate organizations things have become challenging due to the technology's growing influence in the industry. Technology-advanced modules included in ERP.COM.BD give you the necessary competitive Solution.

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Consistent Quotes

For some shops, getting a consistent quote is difficult because different people have different ways of coming up with quotes. Your customers will feel like your shop is more professional if you have this consistency, and you won’t have to worry about keeping the right margins on your jobs.

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Reduce Lead Generation Costs

Realtors are interested in the topic of cost-per-lead in the real estate market. Utilizing effective tools like Provide ERP.COM.BD will allow you to cut costs and streamline the lead creation process.

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Manage Listings

ERP.COM.BD enables you to list, update, and delete property listings on the go. The cloud solution makes the process remote and allows you to manage your listings from anywhere.

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Oversee Finances

A dedicated finances dashboard included with ERP.COM.BD enables you to manage all of your finances, including accounts payable and receivable, advertising expenses, revenue produced, and more.

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